GOP Still Hasn’t Learned a Thing


Not a single Republican vote from the House of Representatives for the stimulus plan.

They claim to want bipartisanship when in fact they just want the plan to be done their way.  Republican Minority Whip Eric Cantor (R-Va.) says:

“The onus is on Speaker Pelosi. She needs to meet with us. She needs to open her doors. We need to begin to work truly in a bipartisan fashion”

Classic.  Blame the Democrats.  All of this after Obama took out some family-planning provisions much to the chagrin of the Democrats and also included tax cuts for business requested by Republicans.  What more do they want?

“Ultimately, though, Cantor said the emphasis should be on cutting taxes, rejecting the Keynesian theory that when private sector investment recedes, the government must step in and be the employer and investor of last resort.”

So unless the Democrats relent to the same failed concepts that doomed Bush’s stimulus, the GOP will say that they were left out of the discussion claim that the Democrats refused to actually try for a biparisan bill.

It’s disappointing that instead of making the best of the situation and admitting that the bill will focus more on spending and work toward allocating those funds to the best possible sources, the Republican Representatives chose to continue with this same arrogant posturing that got us in this mess in the first place.

Memo to the GOP: it’s okay to admit when you’re wrong.  Take a humble pill and get to work for the sake of our nation.

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