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It seems that I wasn’t the only one who had an opinion on Ross Douthat’s article that I posted about yesterday.

Andrew Sullivan posted a comment from a reader that offers up a defense of Douthat’s stance:

“But you can no more avoid making a positive choice about the source of meaning in your life and the universe than you can avoid living in some country. You can talk about which country is best to live in, but the atheist pretends you can live in no country at all.”

It’s amazing that the reader actually hits it right on the head of the nail.  He links what type of belief system you follow to which country you live in.  That is to say, you have no choice in the matter.  How then does any one creed have any more validity than the one down the hemisphere?

Aside from the Born-Again Christians (which by definition are the exception), majority of believers are born into it.  They’re raised by their parents to believe in a particular faith.  If you’re born in Alabama, odds are that you’re Baptist.  If you’re born in Salt Lake City, you’re probably Mormon.  If you’re born in Iran, you’re most likely a Shia Muslim.

The fallacy of his analogy is that he suggests atheism is synonymous with nihilism.  There is a vast difference between not believing in the concept of god and believing that life is meaningless.  To not see that separation is ignorant.


  1. “There is a vast difference between not believing in the concept of god and believing that life is meaningless. To not see that separation is ignorant.”

    But so many are go ignorant….

  2. People love conflating atheism and nihilism, and they’ve been brought up in such a way as to be immune to any reasonable understanding of meaning/morality/etc. without the direct intervention of a God (only theirs though, not those other ones, they don’t exist!). It’s quite sad.

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