Really, GOP? Really?


The GOP’s stance is to simply bank on the failure of the Democratic stimulus bill.  That’s it.  That’s not a stance.  That’s a total lack of direction shining through.

“Senate Republicans telegraphed their political strategy surrounding the stimulus Thursday, saying that if the economy continues to tank over the next several months, they’ll be in position to say, in effect, ‘We told you so.'”

Even if the Democratic plan fails, the transitive doesn’t automatically end up being true.  The only way to know if the GOP’s philosophy would work would be to go out on a limb and implement it.

Oh wait.  They did.  With the bailout.  And it FAILED.

It’s like being back in high school and you’re forced to work in a group project and you have to pick up the slack of that one student who just wanted to do it his way or no way at all even though the rest of the group disagreed with him.  As if by abstaining from contributing somehow allievates any culpability with the outcome of the plan.

Note to the GOP:  you won’t be able to wash your hands clean of this if it fails.  No one is buying this whole “they won’t let us play with them” excuse because it’s simply not true.

Republican voters should really look hard at what their representatives are saying here.  They’re HOPING that the economy doesn’t turn around.  They’re actually taking political tips from Limbaugh after all!  Unbelievable.  And sure, it could end up being a minor victory in ideology but it’d be an unconscionable failure for all Americans: Republicans, Democrats, and Others.  We would ALL fail together.

Get it together, GOP.  Grow up.


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  1. One of the reason the GOP is so far out of touch is that they’ve lost lots of seats in the House in the last two elections. Most of those have been in more moderate districts, leaving the more conservatives and safe seats. Those Representatives can do almost anything they want and get voted back in. If the GOP seems more extreme now, it’s because it is. It may be different in the Senate vote for the stimulus package because some of those GOP senators are from states that Obama won.

    Second, I don’t think they like the health care aspect of the stimulus package. It will allow those on COBRA to extend they coverage, (technically, for over a decade). It will pay a big chunk of the cost of the COBRA, (I think up to $350 a month), and allows those receiving state unemployment compensation to apply for Medicaid(which is like free HMO) while extended the amount of time individuals can receive unemployment and increases unemployment compensation by $25 a week in each state.

    Not only does this put money in the hands of people to spend and stimulate the economy, which is the point, but it give lots of uninsured Americans health care. Hmm, sneaking universal health care into the stimulus package? Close. Bravo. And the GOP knows from their tax cuts for the rich, once you give a break to your constituency, it hard to take back. A lot of their constituency will feel the long term effect of this part of the package. And how can the GOP be the party that takes away health care from millions of Americans? Well, then again, one GOP critic did say that the bill would cause more people who have more serious illnesses to actually get treatment which, he claims, will drive up the cost of health care for everyone. That’s the GOP’s argument against health care–the fear that people may actually use it.

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