Proposition 8 Proponents Forced Out of the “Closet”


I wish I knew how to feel about this.

Perhaps I’m already numb to the menality of those who supported Proposition 8.  Or maybe I already expect so little from them that this doesn’t surprise me.  Either way, it’s an interesting development in the ongoing marriage equality battle, and one that seems to give a point to the pro-equality side.  Finally.

It turns out that those who voted in favor of 8 want to avoid their names from being disclosed.  Unfortunately for them, a federal judge thought otherwise.

Prop 8 proponents supposedly fear “the potential for harassment.”  Of course, harassment means organized boycotts of business owners.  It’s insulting that they’re insinuating that they fear for their safety since there hasn’t exactly been a long history of gay-on-straight violence.  If only boycotts had been the extent of the “harassment” felt by countless homosexuals over the years.

During the campaign they claimed to be protecting the sanctity of marriage.  Now it comes across like they’re ashamed of their vote.  They must realize that they did in fact vote to take away people’s rights and now don’t want to be known publicly as such.  Perhaps their own outing of sorts brings home that feeling of shame and fear that their bigotry has forced homosexuals to endure for so long.  I’d like to think that’s what it will take for people to see through the thinly veiled propaganda and see it for what it is, plain and simple: discrimination.

Even if some eyes are opened from this, there’s still a long road ahead on the journey toward equality.

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