Michael Phelps and America’s Moral Ridiculousness


Apparently Olympian Michael Phelps smoked weed.  He’s had to issue a public apology for his “bad judgement.”

It’s time America got over its ridiculous moral snobbery when it comes to marijuana and those who smoke it.

Watching the Super Bowl last night, every single commercial break had at least one spot advertising beer.  Alcohol is respectable but marijuana is morally reprehensible.  Right.

Phelps was pulled over and pled guilty to driving while impaired back in 2004.  I’m sure he issued an apology for that, as well.  And he should’ve.  He threatened people’s lives by driving under the influence.  The same can’t be said for hitting a bong.

I’m not about to argue for the legality of marijuana.  My thoughts on drug laws would be fodder for an entirely different post.  Suffice it to say, though, that while we shouldn’t encourage Phelps and other public stars – or anyone for that matter – to engage in illegal activity, to demonize him and shame him for being such a “bad influence” and for failing to live up to his “role model” identity is pointless and hypocritical.

To judge him is a waste of time.  He may be famous and an incredible athlete, but he’s still just a human.  And we all know how imperfect we humans are.

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  1. We agree?
    Oh no…Now what?
    Next thing ya know
    Will be sharing a toke
    While I decide
    Where I should smoke my cig
    As to not offend thee…

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