If You Believe in Things Like Science…



I wonder:

What do people who don’t believe in dinosaurs do when they come across articles like this?  Do they even bother to read them?  Do they skip over Discovery Channel, TLC, NatGeo, PBS and all their iterations online in the same manner that I ignore Trinity Broadcasting Network or Joel Osteen?  It seems so odd to me that people could just dismiss an entire field of study, but I guess they get on with their lives just fine without it.  One could live a fruitful life without really giving much thought to dinosaurs and what caused their demise.  I’d just prefer they would stay out of public office.

If you happen to enjoy learning, here‘s an interesting article about the previous end of the world.

Apparently there’s a giant supervolcano way up in Siberia and scientists now have conducted experiments to show that it was capable of causing the Permian apocalypse some 250 million years ago by shooting up a lethal dose of 100,000 gigatons (I pronounce it like Doc Brown would) of carbon and methyl chloride into the atmosphere, essentially destroying the ozone layer and life as we know it… well, life as dinosaurs knew it.

Turns out losing the ozone layer really is a bad thing after all.  Who knew?



  1. Did you know dinosaurs were around only 4,000 years ago? j/k… not to bring up a GOP sore-point or anything. :)

  2. Aiight man, as a “scientist” I’ll bite. Not sure how accepted this is so I can’t agree either way. Just like a real scientist who isn’t a specialist in a field; we rely on relative field consensus. All I know is that there were/are six mass extinctions and that I don’t know enough about them.

    Now stop writing so much, it’s impossible to keep up with you. Or just write what I know about so I can comment on it damn it!

  3. @Amanda – That’s exactly the group I’m talking about. How, if you truly believe that the world is that young, do you even make it through high school biology?

    @Chad – It seems that this is an interesting theory but perhaps just one of several. That last I knew, they were claiming that a huge asteroid hit just off the Yucatan Peninsula causing the mass extinction. Maybe that one did, just a different one of the six that have occurred in history.

  4. The inner workings of a volcano, all the tubes and whatnot, could be interpreted as an inspiration for the proper flow the plutonium in the flux capacitor. I’m pretty sure that’s science.

  5. It’s the best science.

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