You Can Actually DENY the Holocaust?


It’s things like this that reinforce my disagreement with conservatism and organized religion.

This “ultraconservative” Bishop is a Holocaust denier yet has been un-excommunicated by Pope Benedict XVI.  I really don’t get the title of “ultraconservative.”  Even though I don’t agree with much of the right wing ideology, I feel that they might actually be getting a bad rap with this Catholic official being labeled any form of conservative.  The only way I think he could be labeled would be that of radical or extreme.

At the same time, conservatism is tied directly to a traditional set of values and beliefs.  Which is really to say, “how we did things back in the day is exactly the way we should do them now despite everything we’ve learned since then.”  Not to say that everything would have to change; certain values and beliefs are unchanging – don’t kill each other, no incest, don’t steal, that sort of thing.  But the nature of sticking to old ideas just because they’re old really doesn’t help anyone or anything.  It creates a very stagnant environment lacking curiosity and open-mindedness.  It also is based on the notion that what was done in the past was the right way to do things, the right line of thinking.  Since so many notions have changed as more information has come to light, I find this notion extremely difficult to believe.

Bishop Williamson’s beliefs harken back to an older – read: traditional – set of Catholic dogma that blamed the Jews for the death of Christ, among other things.  This line of thinking was renounced by Vatican II, a council that changed the direction of the Church in the 1960s.  Call me crazy, but it seems like a bad time to reignite the Christian/Jewish rift given the current global climate.

It blows my mind that people, even a Bishop, can actually sit and deny something as well-documented as the Holocaust ever happened.   This isn’t an ancient text that may or may not be holy.  This is an event that occurred less than 70 years ago.  People who survived it are still alive to this day.  This isn’t about BELIEF.  This is called FACT.  It ACTUALLY happened.

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