With Gay Marriage Comes Gay Divorce


Hillary and Julie Goodridge, one of the first gay couples legally married in Massachusetts back in 2004, have gotten divorced.

And the anti-gay rights groups rejoice!

The writers at WorldNetDaily must love hearing this kind of news because it gives them the opportunity to fill an article full of inappropriate quotes around words.  It’s odd that in the first sentence, writer Chelsea Schilling opted to put quotes around the word “marriage,” implying that the lesbian couple was never really married in her definition of the word, yet left the word “divorce” untouched.  So it was a real divorce to a sham marriage?  How does that work exactly?  I suppose all divorces are equally sinful in her world, no matter how unnatural the nature of the marriage.

Schilling goes on to demean the Goodridge’s union by explaining that they lasted half as long as the “average straight marriages that end in divorce.”  I didn’t realize that if you divorce after a long time together that it somehow adds more justification to the marriage than if you divorce quickly.  I suppose this is meant to be rationale for not allowing gays to marry: they divorce even more quickly than us normal straight people do!

Naturally, Schilling got a solid anti-gay marriage quote to back up her one-sided shoddy journalism:

Kris Mineau, president of the Massachusetts Family Institute, a public policy group that fought to repeal the legalization of “gay” unions, said their separation is confusing.

“Divorce is a very painful issue, but I also can’t help but reflect on the pain this couple has caused on the commonwealth and the nation to redefine marriage. And now they’re getting divorced? It doesn’t make a lot of sense,” Mineau said.

“Obviously, they don’t hold the institution in very high esteem.”

Give me a break.  This is just a nice way to deflect the high and rising rate of straight marriage divorces.  If divorce is a reason for a population of people to lose their right to marriage, straight people should’ve lost it years ago.  This isn’t a privilege like your driver’s license where if you get too many infractions you get it revoked, and the so-called protectors of marriage should be careful to not mistake the difference.  Although, clearly they already have.

Schilling never bothered to interview anyone on the side of marriage equality.  Perhaps no one bothered to speak to her and her biased publication masquerading as news.  Seems that she should’ve mentioned that no calls were returned.

She does, however, end with a quote from Boston divorce attorney Gerald Nissenbaum:

“And what a surprise: Gay people are like everyone else.”

It’s sad that it’s considered a surprise.


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  2. i think that gay marriage should be allowed in certain states but not in other states “,-

    • Oh really? And why is that? Which states do you recommend have it?

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