Will A-Rod Lose His Sponsors, Too?


Alex Rodriguez took steroids.


Not really.

I don’t even care anymore.  If someone came out and said Michael Jordan took steroids, I wouldn’t be shocked.  I’d be disappointed, but still not shocked.

At the same time, you could give lots of people steroids and workout regiments and put them third in the lineup and you’d never see the results that A-Rod has had.  It’s not like he has no talent or skill and that everything we’ve watched over the years has been the direct result of shooting up or popping some pills.

I’m not condoning steroid use.  It makes the already extremely difficult playing field incredibly unfair to those who are on the cusp of making the grade.  I don’t consider it akin to cheating on a test in college, though.  To me it’s more like having to take a timed test where everyone else has to write it out longhand and A-Rod has a laptop.  It sure makes it easier and quicker by a longshot, but if he couldn’t write, it wouldn’t really help him all that much either way.

And so long as fans want to see home run records broken and there are hundreds of millions of dollars out there in contracts waiting to be doled out, there will be performance-enhancing drug abuse in professional sports.  The public doesn’t want to know about it, but they’ll gladly enjoy watching its benefits pay off when they fork over $60 for a ticket and hot dog at the ballpark and A-Rod steps up to bat with the game on the line.  (The fact that he hasn’t exactly been Mr. Clutch lately notwithstanding.)

It’ll be curious to see how many – if any – sponsors A-Rod will lose after this admission.  If Phelps can lose Kellogg’s to a photo of him taking a rip off a bong, it follows that A-Rod should at least get dropped by some of his sports-related supporters.

Kellogg’s is to munchies what Gatorade is to steroids.  Or something like that.



  1. I like how Neifi Perez got busted for steroids. Talk about proof that they don’t necessarily make you better…

  2. One could use Perez as the argument that steroid use doesn’t even push a mediocre player over the hump; it makes the good ones perform superhuman feats. And isn’t that what we want to see?

  3. In the case of Nefi Perez, I think Sheffield planted those steroids on him so he would get banned from the game of baseball forever. How else could get busted AGAIN when we was on probation? God I hate Nefi Perez, regardless of steroid use.

    As for A-rod, I don’t know if it will hurt his endorsement deals as much as it did Phelps. With Phelps it was like “Here’s an American Hero! What an upstanding young athlete!” and Kellogg’s is a family brand to the core. An already “controversial” baseball player fessing up to roids isn’t going to stop him from being on the cover of MLB’10.

  4. I agree with Matt – the Phelps photo would be more damaging to him than A-Rod’s steroid abuse. And unfortunately, I view steroid use as a worse offense than marijuana use.

    Isn’t it sad how an athlete can get away with atrocious (or illegal) behavior just by apologizing? They are stars, get special treatment, and so many times the media and general public let them get away with a slap on the wrist.

  5. I think you’re both right. Sadly, the public frowns down on marijuana use more than steroid use. It’s the whole moral issue, even though the steroid use sure is a major breach of ethics. I’d much rather have a sports player smoke weed than shoot up ‘roids; at least I’d know then that he was still actually doing those athletic feats himself.

  6. “the public frowns down on marijuana use more than steroid use”

    I’d be curious to know if the american big media frowns on behalf of the public in this regard. I don’t think the general public really feels that mari-hoochie is worse than the roids.

  7. Good point. I would be curious to find out what people abhor more in their athletes: steroid use, or mary jane.

  8. I sense the first ever Agree to Disagree poll!

  9. ooooooh….. polls! Brilliant.

  10. Thanks, Ben, for the suggestion.

  11. I hit .157 on steroids. Just imagine what I would have done clean.

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