Religion is NOT Science… and Vice Versa


I’m so sick and tired of hearing people argue against evolution because it’s “just a theory.”  As if the word “theory” is synonymous with far-fetched guess.  It’s not.  It’s undergone the same rigorous scientific testing as any other theory – if not more – and is considered fact in the scientific community.

Not so in the rest of America.

According to this article by Pew Research:

63 percent of Americans believe that humans and other animals have either always existed in their present form or have evolved over time under the guidance of a supreme being. Only 26 percent say that life evolved solely through processes such as natural selection.

This is insanity.

The figure is a bit hazy, though.  I can stomach people who believe that God guides evolution.  That at least accepts all of the evidence before us in the fossil record.  But, I can’t accept people who think that humans and other animals have stayed the same for the entire existence of the earth.

It goes to show that we really need to improve our science standards in public schools.  The fact that so many people don’t even understand the definition of “scientific theory” and just consider it to be the same thing as an opinion means that we are so behind as a population.

We give so much respect to everyone’s own opinions and beliefs and never address the fact that some people are flat out wrong.  Sure, you’re entitled to your belief but that doesn’t mean that you’re even in the ball-park of being correct.  And the mob mentality of intelligent design  (“64 percent of Americans support teaching creationism alongside evolution in the classroom.”) doesn’t mean that it can just be bullied into the education system, certainly not into science class.  Perhaps in Mythology 101.

Religion attempts to explain why we are here, why we are alive, and how we should live.  Science attempts to explain how we and the world work.  Creationism isn’t testable aside from being described in one text.  There is no other evidence.  There are no experiments that can be conducted to prove it one way or the other.  Hence: not science.  Creationism has no business in science class or being taught as a critical alternative.

This is why we have a separate place for spiritual learning called church.  They don’t teach biology or chemistry there, so let’s keep the biblical stories out of the schools.

Happy Darwin Day!


  1. Evolution is actually a “religion” of atheists. I am a scientist, and I have never seen the “evidence” that was strong enough to build a case for evolution. To take one bone, or to take bones from different locations, and create a person from it is foolish, but people did it, because they were so driven to prove they were right. In one case, pig bones were mixed with human.

    And yes, I took physical anthropology. I was given theory as fact, but the evidence was just not convincing. It was not even there. We were told the conclusions, not given the evidence, to decide for ourselves. Some “proofs” were found later to be hoaxes. To be fair to students, they should remove evolution from the school curriculum. It is a waste of student’s time to even think of it.

  2. Marianne, I was going to point out how dead wrong you were in every regard, but I decided not to since you linked to your blog. Anyone who clicks it will see that you are obviously imbalanced and that anything spewing from your mouth about science in general, let alone evolution, should be completely ignored.

    Mason, I came across a survey done recently (I’ll have to find the citation) where lay people and scientists were to list in order of importance(greatest to least) four words: Law, Fact, Theory, and Hypothesis.

    Lay people: Fact, Law, Hypothesis, Theory
    Scientists: Theory, Law, Hypothesis, Fact

    I’m not sure if those fundamental differences of thought can ever be reconciled, but I hope one day they can. Happy Darwin Day!

  3. Agree completely.

    I believe it is the 200th birthday of Mr. Darwin. Maybe when we get to 210, evolution will be better understood and the right will have found something better to do than campaign against science.

  4. There was a great special on Scope’s trial 2.0 on NOVA on PBS. Not that I regularly watch PBS or anything. About the court case that followed a Pennsylvania School district’s decision to have intelligent design textbook “Of Pandas and People” presented along with regular biology text. The board thought that it wasn’t “right” to teach one theory when others existed. “You don’t know if its true when its just a theory.”

  5. Interesting you think I am so wrong about science. I have been it for 30 years. Where did you get your PhD, and what specialty is it in?

  6. What makes it so sad for you is that I’m pre-doctoral and yet still know more than you in this regard. Evolution is supported by independent lines of evidence from a large number of disparate specialties, not just anthropology.

    What bothers me most is how you disregard evolution due to lack of evidence and yet believe in a god where there is even a larger lack of evidence (some would say nonexistent evidence). How ya gonna explain that one away without falling back on “faith?”

    Oh, and just because you’ve been doing (whatever you call) science for thirty years doesn’t mean you can’t be wrong. It’s a common fallacy, look it up.

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