Anti-Gay Movement Advertisers Should NEVER Work in Advertising



This is a full-page, anti-gay advertisement that went out in the Salt Lake Tribune.  Click the picture for the link to a larger version of the image.

I could easily attack just about every single item in this ad (and, wow, there are a LOT) and I would get extremely riled up and upset and wonder how people could be so hateful yet think they’re being so righteous.  But it’s like explaining the fossil record to an Evangelical.  Pointless.

Instead, just take a look at the ad.  Really, just a quick glance.  Where do your eyes go?  Did you just spend five seconds twirling your eyes around trying to figure out just what they wanted you to be reading?

Me, too.

This is one of the worst page designs I’ve ever seen.  I’ve seen better come out of newsletters made by middle-schoolers.  There are at least three different fonts in the header alone!

We’ve got bold font, all caps, all caps AND bold, words outlined in blue, words outlined in red, BOLD words outlined in red…

You get the idea.

This wouldn’t have passed high-school Journalism 1.  There should be some flow to the page.  The layout should guide your eyes from article to article, forcing your eyes to stay on the page in order to absorb everything on the page.  Taking a quick glance should make you want to read all of the items instead of spending your time trying to figure out 1) which article to read, 2) where each article ends, and 3) if you only have time to read one piece, which one is the most important.  This ad accomplishes none of these.

Actually, I’m wrong.  It does, in that the header gives it away.  Despite the hideous design, the words say everything I need to explain to me what this whole ad is about.  The problem is that the same hideous design causes me to not take a word they write seriously.  There might be some facts or interesting ideas worth discussing (actually, I highly doubt it) in the clutter of text on this page, but I immediately assume that it’s total propaganda and misleading rhetoric when it’s put together in such an unprofessional and insulting manner.

Of course, I did look past the disgusting layout to read (mostly) what they had to say and I wasn’t surprised.  The content was just as hideous as the design.  In that sense, they at least managed to keep the design and content on the same level.

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