The Right to Adoption


As of today, there were fives bills going through the Utah legislature for gay-rights.  Two of them have been voted down – one that would’ve granted gays and other unmarried couples the right to adoption, the other would’ve protected gays and transgenders from employment and fair-housing discrimination.

Here’s one of Utah’s elected officials explaining the reason why the first bill fell 5-1:

“Adoption is not a right, it’s a privilege. Those who choose alternative lifestyles suffer the consequences because they can’t naturally produce between them,” said Rep. Stephen Sandstrom, R-Orem, who joined a 5-1 vote to defeat HB288. “Heterosexual couples who cohabit also face consequences because they choose not to marry.”

Call me crazy, but isn’t adoption a viable option for people SPECIFICALLY because they cannot reproduce on their own?  I mean, aside from the Angelina Jolies of the world, adoption helps two types of people: those who cannot/won’t support their own children, and those who cannot produce their own children.  How is an infertile, married couple any different biologically from an unmarried couple who chooses an “alternative lifestyle” that prevents them from having children?  Neither can reproduce.

Also, since when do you need to be married to have kids?  I know, I know, you’re not “supposed” to be having premarital sex, but give me a break.  There is no biological need to be married in order to reproduce.  And there are no laws against having children out of wedlock (I hate that term, by the way.).  So why would it then follow that adopting children while unmarried should be illegal?  It has no legal basis.  It’s simply ideology and religion dictating the discrimination of a specific group of people.  Plain and simple.

This needs to stop.

The final bill that has yet to be decided upon would “expand protections for same-sex couples so they can visit a partner in the hospital, inherit property and make medical decisions.”

I’m not holding my breath.



  1. Ok, you’re crazy. Everything the Utah official said is absolutely true and correct. That is TRUTH.

    They’re also messed up in the head beyond logical comprehension. Yes, studies show that heterosexual couples are somewhat – not by much of a margin – better for children than homosexual couples are. Studies also show that single parent or no parent – i.e. foster homes and orphanages – are far, far worse for children than either hetero- or homosexual families.

    Given that there are more children in “the system” than there are prospective adoptive parents, denying any couple the privilege – yes, it IS a privilege – of adoption is plain stupid and borderline evil.

  2. I never said that adoption wasn’t a privilege. But to claim that being unmarried makes someone unfit to adopt a child is simply religious-based ideology.

    And you make a pretty strong statement that I agree with. The fact that people would rather have children remain in a foster care system instead of with a loving same-sex couple is beyond absurd, and yes, borderline evil. Funny how these Republicans who oppose big, intrusive government would rather children grow up with the government as their parents instead of a very capable unmarried couple. Talk about a pathetic political party.

  3. I didn’t think Utah would allow gay adoption…it just doesn’t seem like something that would get past their religious sensibilities.

    But c’mon…No housing rights?! I have low hopes for the rest of the bills in the common ground initiative if FAIR HOUSING is rejected.

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