68-Year-Old Woman Upholds the Sanctity of (Heterosexual) Marriage


Linda Lou Taylor is 68 years old.  She lives in Anderson, Indiana.  And she has been married 23 times.

Twenty-three times!

And this is the article that we have about it.  A standard, little NBC Chicago slice-of-life piece.  Taylor is a Guinness World Record holder, after all.

I really could care less about Taylor and her nearly two-dozen (failed) marriages.  It doesn’t affect my life in the least.  Nothing has changed for me since having read about her numerous nuptial exploits.

And it shouldn’t matter to anyone else, either.  Other than some bored journalist who thought it’d be interesting to hear Taylor say that she’d get married again because “it gets lonely,” there’s really nothing of interest in this piece any more than there would be of the Guinness record holder of longest fingernails (you remember that picture of that Indian guy – I wonder if he’s still holds the record.) cutting his fingernails and growing them back again.

One of her marriages lasted seven years (the longest) and another less than two days.  Taylor admits that her last marriage wasn’t even done out of love;  it happened because he was the most-married man and she was the most-married woman.  Match made in Guinness heaven!

Granted, this is an anomaly.  Most people don’t marry 23 times in their lives.  But the fact that heterosexuals legally can do this without any uproar from any Evangelical or Mormon groups while homosexuals can’t even legally go into their partner’s hospital deathbed without a fight means that there is something seriously wrong here.

I’m glad that Mormons spent millions of dollars preventing gays from getting married yet seemingly have no problem with Linda Lou Taylor.  She has really upheld that “divine” sanctity of marriage.  All 23 times.


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  1. Yes, there is something very seriously wrong when a heterosexual can be married 23 times. Oh yes, that’s right–she’s straight and thus her unions (of whatever duration) automatically trumps the unions of loving monogamous same-sex couples. More hypocrisy from the Religious Wrong.

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