Jindal Brings Nothing New to the GOP


Futile Democracy (a solid blog from a 20-something Brit) offers his take on Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal being chosen as the rebuttal speaker for President Obama’s speech on Tuesday night.

I have to agree with him completely.  If you read nothing else, take this away:

So, to sum up, he’s against gay marriage, abortion, stem cell research, helping the poor, and because he refused to take some of the bail out money to help workers in his state claiming it will lead to tax rises on the wealthy, he’s also a big business suck up. So wait, isn’t that pretty much what the Republicans have stood for all the time? This guy isn’t new or exciting or different. He’s the same shit. He’s begging for the same failed policies. He’s asking to restore confidence with the American people, by offering nothing new. He’s basically saying “We set the country on fire, so I propose we put the fire out, with this new and exciting ….. fire.”



  1. ha!

  2. Jindal- shut up. You’re just spouting the same crap McCain shitted out of his mouth last fall!

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