Utah Actually Surprises Me


Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman might actually be onto something… well, something that the rest of us have known about for quite some time but he’s just now finally admitting it.

Q: Why do you think winning back the intelligentsia matters?

A: I think we’ve drifted a little bit from intellectual honesty in the tradition of Theodore Roosevelt, for example, where they would use rigorous science to back up many of their policies, and in this case many of their environmental policies. Richard Nixon created the Environmental Protection Agency. We declared the war on cancer.

A lot of intellectual rigor went into the policies of those days, and we’ve drifted a little bit from taking seriously the importance of science to buttress much of what we’re doing today.

No way.  Science and intellect are important in policy making??  Shocking.  I’ll believe it when I see it.  Especially considering this is coming from a state whose policies pretty much urinate on intelligence, equality, and tolerance.

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