Healthcare Reform?


Deane Waldman does a nice job of explaining why just providing health insurance to the uninsured won’t solve anything.

Suppose we could “cure” the insurance problem somehow. Would that cure healthcare? Not a chance. Having insurance does not guarantee having a nurse or doctor (personnel shortages). Having everyone insured will not produce a cure for breast cancer. Having insurance will have no effect on the medical error rate. Having universal insurance with our current system will either bankrupt our nation or guarantee government rationing of medical care.

I agree with him.  The system itself does not work.  Not when you have insurance companies wanting to make a profit, which means that they don’t want to pay for those tests that your doctors says that you need.  Waldman reminds us that the current system evolved into its current mess; it wasn’t designed at all.

I’d like to see a way to get the uninsured (Yay! I’m one of the 46 million!) insured, but it sounds like that would be just putting a bandaid on a bullet wound.


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  1. The fact that health insurance companies are for-profit entities has always really bothered me for the reasons you mentioned. No matter how many people try to explain it to me it just doesn’t make ethical sense.

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