Excommunication Breakdown


How does this happen in the 21st Century?  Didn’t the Catholic Church learn from their past mistakes? (Paging Galileo.)

At least Galileo did cross the line from sinner into being a heretic by blaspheming that the Earth wasn’t the center of the universe after all.  That was more than just your average sin (although, I don’t recall that being one of the 10 Commandments).  But, with this current story, I’m having trouble reconciling it all in my head.  Maybe I can talk it out…

So you can be banished from Catholicism for sinning, even though so much of Catholicism is based on confession?  And, I’m not theologian, but isn’t one of the biggest lessons to be learned from Jesus is that of the ability to forgive and be forgiven?

What makes even more sense is excommunicating a mother for having her 9-year-old daughter get an abortion after becoming pregnant due to being raped and molested by her own step-father.  Of course, the rapist can still go to church.  A few Hail Marys and the Lord’s Prayer a few times and VOILA!  Forgiveness!

It’s nice though that the Catholic Church has finally solidified the Sin Hierarchy so everyone knows for certain that God considers abortion more evil (clearly in ANY circumstance) than the rape and molestation of 9 year old little girls.  Glad to know what I can get away with and still manage to make it through the pearly gates.

There are gray areas here.  And while I’m not making any apologies for the act of abortion, it’s not as if it’s something that anyone truly gets pleasure out of, unlike, say murder.  There are no acts of passion when it comes to abortion.  Pregnancies aren’t aborted due to jealousy or to get back at an ex.    And it’s what that poor little girl had to do for the sake of her own health and life.  The Church should be less worried about the abortion and instead should draw attention to the atrocity of sexual abuse and recovering from the resulting emotional (and physical) trauma.

This is a case where there is something worse than death.  It’s time people get off their horses on high and think of this little girl instead of their own righteousness.

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