I’m 17 and I Can (Finally) Get Plan B


Another Bush fallacy gets righted.

I didn’t realize how long the fight had been going on with getting Plan B – also known as the morning-after pill – approved for being an over-the-counter medicine.  I guess trying to get something logical pushed through the bureaucracy of Bush’s Administration would take both him leaving office and nearly a decade’s worth of fighting.

Still, the FDA’s Advisory Committee voted 23 to 4 in 2003 to approve Plan B for over-the-counter status without age restrictions. Yet the Plan B request of the only one of nearly two dozen applications to move a prescription drug to over-the-counter status that was not approved after the committee recommended it.

The judge said top FDA officials at a meeting in late 2003 or early 2004 told their subordinates that over-the-counter status for Plan B would not be approved at that time and that it was a decision that would be made at a higher level in the FDA than those decisions are usually made.

Isn’t that committee set up with experts who could reasonably decide the fate of any strength of medicine?  Why would this particular medicine need a level of approval higher than normal?

Oh wait.  This is why.

“Moreover, they were told that the White House had been involved in the decision on Plan B,” he said.

Like so many other things, Bush overrided the FDA committee in order to push through his own far-right, socially-religious, political agenda.  Who needs branches of government and checks and balances when you already know what’s best for the country?

Thankfully, someone realized the absurdity of all of this.

As of today, thanks to a federal judge, 17 year old girls can now purchase the Plan B pill over the counter without a prescription.  Naturally, the opposition cries out that this is just another form of abortion.  Chris Gasek, a regulation expert with the conservative Family Research Council, went even further to suggest that “[t]here is a real danger that Plan B may be given to women, especially sexually abused women and minors, under coercion or without their consent.”

Wouldn’t the real danger then be the sociopaths who coerce and sexually abuse the young women, not a pill designed to help limit the number of abortions?  Maybe the Family Research Council should focus on preventing such heinous acts instead of wasting their time with this pompous and futile refutal aimed at simply riling up the religious right with rhetoric instead of actually helping anyone or accomplishing anything.



  1. Why listen to a panel of experts whose responsibility is to decide such things and loads of others who have the knowledge necessary to make and educated decision when you have a mandate from God to do whatever the hell you want? That pretty much describes Dubya’s entire presidency.

    • And why our country took a huge nosedive during his tenure. Always reminds me of a quote from Susan B. Anthony: “”I distrust those people who know so well what God wants them to do because I notice it always coincides with their own desires.”

      • I typically hate quotes, but that one fucking resonates with what I have seen. It will be remembered.

      • good one.

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