Not Surprising…


When I don’t post, I get hardly any views to my blog.  I suppose it’s not all that shocking.  Although it does prove that most of my readership comes from my friends on Facebook who click on the links that I post to my profile page.  It also means I have a much smaller core-following that bothers to check up on A2D on a consistent basis.

Looks like I won’t be quitting my day job to blog full time just yet.

(I’m not going to post this to Facebook just to get hits, either.  This post is just for you loyal 5 who I love dearly.)

UPDATE: Apparently because I added my feed to Facebook, it announces every post.  So, sorry to all 0 of you who saw it before and trusted that I wasn’t going to post it on Facebook.  My intentions were pure…



  1. I’m slow but totally in my feed and definite read category.

    • I know you are always good for a comment or two. Thanks for being a loyal reader. And your similar view on life.

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