On Gay Marriage…


Andrew Sullivan:

We know now that same-gender attraction, bonding and sex is ubiquitous in nature, and almost certainly has some evolutionary explanation. We know too, experientially, that the love cherished by many gay couples is real and beautiful and deeply human. It is not merely “contractual” or “nihilist”. It is organic, natural and completing. It is humanizing and it is civilizing. History is full of such relationships, and they stand proudly alongside their heterosexual peers. The reduction of these shared lives and loves to abstract sexual acts is itself a form of bigotry.  It is, in my view, anti-Christian to speak of gays the way this Pope does. The Christian calling is not to guard ferociously the ramparts of the 1950s out of fear but to listen to the experiences of gay people – what the Second Vatican Council calls the sensus fidelium – and try to integrate their humanity into the structures from which they have been so cruelly excluded, with such horrible human consequences, for so long.

There will always be arguments – like the ones that Sullivan argues against in this post – that quote scripture as reasons to vilify homosexuals.  The more intelligent the response, the less that rationale will hold any water.  After getting the treatment from Sullivan, it’s amazing anyone bothers to argue with him anymore.  The only possible response is simply to ignore logic and rational thought.  Luckily, the opponents of marriage equality do that in spades.

I am not a Christian, so I do not need to reconcile the issue of homosexuality in the Bible with my worldview; however, I do know that a strong majority of Americans consider themselves Christian and that making these arguments sound will go a long way in securing marriage equality.  Sullivan does this the best as anyone out there.

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