Mr. T(ea) Party



I respect the right to protest.  But like so many other freedoms, just because you’re allowed to do something, doesn’t mean you’re even in the vicinity of being right or smart.

Had I not been on tour and maybe even had a few dollars to my name, I would’ve loved to have printed out a little pamphlet called “Socialism and You: A Fact Guide for the Uneducated (Yes, This Means You)” and gone to the nearest tea party and passed them out free of charge.  Or maybe I could’ve just rented a bus and packed them all in for a quick little field trip to the nearest high school for a brief lesson in civics from one of our many underpaid teachers.

Being totally against taxes is one thing; but, it’s a ridiculous notion that pretty much makes no sense at all if you want to live in a civilized society with government.  And then to claim that taxes equals socialism just adds ignorance onto stupidity.   What a wonderful mix.  Then again, you’re entitled to what you want to believe.

For those who think that Obama is the next Chairman Mao, remember that he has done more to help protect the freedoms that allow you to oppose and protest his policies than our last president (whom you most likely voted for).  There’s more to a government and an administration than simply increasing the tax rate for the top 1% by less than four percentage points (and this was going to happen anyway once Bush’s tax cuts expire in 2011).

I understand having a cause to get behind and fight for, but I pity the countless fools who truly think that our country is slipping into a communist state.  I pity them because they are so uneducated and closed-minded to their own idiocy that they can’t even accept that they don’t understand these basic political terms and types.

There may not be a better example of why we need more funding for our public school system than this.

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