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Andrew Sullivan:

[George W. Bush] was either therefore a fantastic liar on one of the gravest matters imaginable or so psychologically compartmentalized and prone to rigid denial of reality and so unversed in history, law and morality that he had no reason being president.

If you haven’t read about the release of the Bybee memos regarding the use of torture authorized by Bush/Cheney and “legalized” by their team of attorneys who took oaths to uphold the law, you owe it to yourself to check them out.  You can read Andrew Sullivan’s continued discussion on his blog.

Remember that Clinton was impeached because he lied about having a personal, extramarital affair.  Bush endorsed the torture of prisoners-of-war while condemning the horrors of Abu Ghraib prison.  For all of those who are screaming bloody murder about how Obama is taking America into a social-fascist state, open your eyes.  Administering torture techniques used by Stalin, the Gestapo, and the Khmer Rouge is fascism.  Taxing Americans at the same rate they were 10 years ago is not.  It’s depressing and shameful that people have the energy, time and audacity to protest the American president on Tax Day simply because they are greedy and whiny when true atrocities are happening and have been happening under the previous administration’s watch.  Funny how those same people voted for Bush and McCain – essentially endorsing torture methods that really are the strongest attack on civil liberties imaginable – yet now claim that Obama is the socialist.  It would be funny if people weren’t so stubborn in their beliefs.

This isn’t some good news.  This doesn’t make someone like me – who was staunchly opposed to Bush – happy.  I’m not glad to see proof that he truly was as awful as I thought he was.  I’m not sure what was his bigger downfall: believing that he really was ordained by God to be president, or his sheer, utter stupidity.  I suppose one begat the other.


  1. isnt it possible that you too, are stubborn in your beliefs? I really dont think torture and taxes/spending can be compared the way you are suggesting…

  2. I’m merely comparing them in that they both can be considered aspects of socialism, if one takes them far enough. In the case of torture, any form of torture used to be considered anti-American and a tool of communists. As far as taxes go, it seems that some Americans nowadays believe that Obama’s tax plan is a form of socialism. It just simply isn’t. Just like the tax code under Clinton wasn’t socialism (Obama’s is very similar).

    The stubbornness is not so much in being unhappy with taxes or government spending; it’s in the fact that so many still won’t accept responsibility or admit fault. Because Bush claimed to be for a certain set of ideals (of which he broke continuously) that so many people think they want, he can do no wrong. It’s how America ended up allowing torture. TORTURE.

    I’m stubborn in that I want people to understand what they mean when they accuse someone of socialism. While Obama’s tax code leans left in ideology, it doesn’t go nearly as far left as Bush’s policies went to the right. To accuse Obama of socialism while just turning a blind eye to the wrongs of Bush is ignorant at best.

    • I agree with most of that. Why do we insist on labeling people and policies in these ways? It makes both sides look simplistic. You’re right its not socialism. Its something new & scary because it may fail. I just want people who are mystified by Obama and his hope and change to realize & question what is happening to the nation.

      Society should always challenge and question its government, but just because some followed Bush with heads in the sand as to his ultimate agenda, doesnt mean all conservatives feel the same. No president has been perfect. And if anyone—president or man on the street—knows of torture occuring and doesnt try to stop it, that is real evil run ammock.

      • I’m with you on the simplification of the sides. Just because I am a Democrat doesn’t mean that I agree with every single policy just because it’s liberal or pushed through by a Dem. You’re right: the stimulus plan could fail. I like his spending of money on America better than Bush’s spending of money on Iraq, personally. But I also think that some government spending on things like education and infrastructure building is a good thing. But regardless, yes, you’re right in that we should always be questioning things. But let’s do it constructively. Calling people names and casting them aside as socialists a mere three months into the new administration isn’t helping solve any problems, it’s just polarizing people even more. And that won’t help anyone.

  3. I do have my own beliefs on things, of course, but I try to be as open-minded as possible. For example, if it were exposed that Obama endorsed torture, I would have to rethink my thoughts about him and what he stood for. For some reason, so many people don’t question Bush at all, even now, and I just don’t understand why/how they can ignore so many facts about Bush’s transgressions while condemning Obama with claims that just aren’t true. I just wish people would allow themselves to accept facts even if they don’t agree with their worldview.

  4. The basement-dwelling right-wing fascists toss out curses such as “socialist” towards Obama, when in fact they are racists knowing too well they can’t call our President what they want to call him.

    Deposed president bush has been shown to be the torture-endorsing fascist he is.

    (Just having fun with those “-ist” terms!)

    • so…republicans are fascists, but we can’t speculate that Obama’s policies are similar to socialism? thats fair.

      And no, republicans as a whole are not racist. we dont like Obama’s policies.

      By the way— HE’s HALF WHITE!

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