Maine Joins the Ranks



Maine’s legislators passed a bill to legalize same sex marriage.  On Wednesday, May 6th, 2009, Maine Governor John Baldacci signed it into law.

That brings the total number of states that allow same sex marriage to six (assuming that New Hampshire Gov. John Lynch signs his bill into law).  And the second in a row to achieve this through legislative means, not judicial.

I have a feeling that New York and Rhode Island will be quick to follow suit.  This is all happening along with the announcement that Washington, DC will recognize same sex marriages that are legal in other states.  So, for all of you keeping score at home, that’s six states and one district.

It’s rather amazing that after the complete heartbreak of Proposition 8 passing in California, instead of that anti-gay, hyper-religious sentiment spreading like wildfire across the (supposedly) more conservative midsection of America, the tides are actually changing in favor of marriage equality, most notibly in the case of Iowa.  You can’t get much more heartland than Iowa.

While I am not at all complaining about hearing state after state passing legislation against discrimination, it’s almost as if the MSM already doesn’t care anymore.  My usual news sources this morning gave me no indication of the Maine’s legislature passing the bill through much less the Governor signing it into law.  Even now if you check CNN.com you will see nothing about it whatsoever.  You would have to search for it to find any articles on the topic.  It’s not even headline news.  I suppose that could be a good thing: it’s no longer this landmark, shocking development.  It’s becoming the norm.

And that is a wonderful thing.

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