Prop 8 Upheld, Equality Not



A disappointing day to say the least: the California Supreme Court ruled in favor of the ban on same-sex marriage.

While no new gay marriages can take place, the marriages that occurred during the summer of 2008 when it was legal will remain valid.  Some point to this as being a minor victory in the long battle.  Others find it to be an insulting consolation prize.

I’m with the latter group.

It makes absolutely NO sense that a couple’s wedding validity is determined by an arbitrary date.  Prop 8 supporters claim that gay marriage destroys the sanctity of the religious union (despite the fact that gay marriage simply changes secular laws, not religious doctrine) but I really can’t see a more egregious way of sucking the meaning out of marriage than saying that if you were united before November 7th, 2008 you can call your partner your spouse, but if it took place after, you’re just out of luck.  Not only has this court decision split people along the lines of sexual orientation, it has also fractured the gay community by having a married, gay couple living next door to a gay domestic partnership simply because one was able to make it to the courthouse before a certain day.

As if there needed be a stronger argument that this all relates to secular marriage laws and not religious tradition.  It’s almost like how Disney will release their classic titles on DVD for only a short period of time and then pull them from the shelves in order to keep demand up.  Hurry, hurry!  Gay marriages available for a limited time only!  Get them before the Supreme Court and the small majority of voters take away your chance to wed the one you love!

Looks like it’s working: demand is up and legislatures across the country are listening and acting.  I hope California rights this wrong.  Sooner rather than later.


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  1. Good Disney analogy haha

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