A Coup D’état



Like many others in America, I was almost completely unaware of a presidential election being held in Iran, much less that it took place Friday night.  The real interesting thing, though, is not that the election was held – this is the 10th election since the 1979 revolution – but that it seems to be signaling a new uprising, a new revolution.

The Iranian leaders declared incumbent Ahmadinejad the winner across the board – leading all other candidates, including the possible true winner Mousavi –  in every single region and district.  People are saying that since 80% of the population came out to vote, it’s statistically highly unlikely that the polls would reflect what the government is saying.

That was just the beginning.  I am not even remotely educated or knowledgeable enough on this topic to really delve into this, but it seems clear that the Iranian people know they were cheated and they are livid about it.  They are shouting from the rooftops into the wee hours of the morning.  They are protesting in the streets.  They are Twittering to people to continue the protest since the government shut down cell phone service.

It feels like a revolution.

Andrew Sullivan and the rest of the blogosphere have been writing extensively on this so I will leave them to continue to delve deep into the politics of this that are way over my head.  Just please be aware of this and keep digging into information online as it becomes available.  Stories are now finally showing up in the MSM if you dig – at this moment, Lady GaGa has the main image on Yahoo!’s homepage, so you can tell what’s clearly more important at the moment.

This is important.  This is happening now.

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