Just Say No To Status Quo


Obama announced it at a rally today: status quo is not an option on health care.

And that’s exactly what the Republicans are seeking to do.  As if the current situation is worth keeping as-is or even financially sustainable in its current state.  (It’s not.)

We need to push for Medicare Plus – which would be essentially Medicare for everyone.  It works for those over 65.  There’s no reason that something like that couldn’t work if both sides made true efforts to make it fiscally responsible yet socially beneficial.  That is if people from both sides actually wanted to work for a same goal.  Seems that these days to even have the same idea for how things should be – not even how to get there – that it’s somehow going against your ideals.

If the GOP truly wanted to do anything productive whatsoever, they’d actually go into the bill with an honest approach with their interests and ideals in hand and be willing to find a true common ground.  Since they’ve proven they have no desire to do any such thing, the Democrats need to sustain the GOP’s infantile behavior and get things done regardless without conceding too much.  Because no matter how much the Dems compromise, the GOP will not be pleased unless it’s exactly how they want it.

Might as well go for the gold.

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