Go For It All


If it’s all just to create a semblance of bipartisanship, don’t bother.  I know the uproar sounds loud coming from the minority – and it is a minority, as evidenced by Democrats controlling every branch of government – but that shouldn’t mean compromising goals just because the few are complaining.

They lost the elections.  The vast majority of people elected Obama and the Democrats into office to try something new.  And in the case of the Obama campaign, that something new was health care reform.  Maybe even universal health care.

Given our current political climate, the only type of bipartisanship we can expect will be if different branches of government have a different majority.  That is, if the Republicans gain a majority in either the House or Senate during Obama’s tenure.  Until then, the Democrats have a majority of the country behind them, wanting them to push through their plans.

Jim Vandehei and Mike Allen of Politico.com make this strong point:

It is possible there won’t be a single Republican vote in the House — zero out of 177 for those keeping score at home — for the Obama health plan, even if he compromises on the public option and other controversial components.

So why compromise?  Push through the landmark legislation.  Go for the gold.  Make a real change and stick with it.  The Democrats have the power to enact a strong, responsible bill that could really impact our society and  better the lives of our citizenry.

Not everyone will like it.  Not everyone will think it’s a good idea.  But standing up for the overwhelming majority of Americans that chose Barack Obama over John McCain will be happy knowing that the person they elected did what they asked him to do instead of diluting it by appeasing a group that will take, take, take and not give an inch.

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