Entitled To Be Wrong


The Republican Party sure loves its beauty queens.

Remember Carrie Prejean?  She’s the former Miss California who claims to have lost the Miss USA pageant because she didn’t believe in same-sex marriage and people on the conservative right argued that she had a possible lawsuit on her hands due to religious discrimination.

Well, in case you missed her, Carrie Prejean is back in the spotlight!  No, she’s not in another beauty pageant, but she might as well be: she spoke at the Value Voters Summit, which upon my brief research, appears to be nothing more than a meeting of socially conservative and religious talking heads that make up the who’s who of the current Republican Party.  Along with a bevy of politicians such as Gov. Mike Huckabee, Rep. Eric Cantor, and Rep. John Boehner, Prejean will be joined by the intellectual company of Stephen Baldwin, Bill O’Reilly, Star Parker, and Lila Rose.

Of those, Prejean was the one who really wowed the audience.  After seeing a clip of her speech, it’s easy to see why.  All of this “God chose me” and “sex between a man and a woman” talk would be more than enough to rile up this group.

And that’s fine.  That’s what they’re there to hear.  It just speaks to the current state of our country right now that a former Miss California is speaking with political clout at a Value Voters Summit.  We are just living in a world of celebrity as intelligence.  All you need is one second of fame and you can become an expert worthy of speaking at prominent conferences simply because your opinion on one topic happens to align with that of the GOP.  No education necessary.

Carrie Prejean is entitled to her opinion.  Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.  But, just because a group of people all think the same way and get together to celebrate how much they all think alike doesn’t make their opinions right.  And opinions shouldn’t be confused as facts nor should they all be weighted the same.  It seems like, at this summit especially, that certain opinions have become misconstrued as beliefs or points in a certain political ideology, which then somehow validates them and makes them off-limits to opposition.

But they are still just personal opinions.  And Carrie Prejean has a right to have hers.  Just as you are entitled to yours.

And you’re also entitled to be wrong.

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