Maine’s Question 1 = Cali’s Prop 8


Maine voters are getting the chance to legalize gay marriage through the No on 1 campaign, much like the No on Prop 8 battle in California last year.  I only hope that the marriage equality camp does a better job than they did out west and that the voters do what Californians didn’t.  So far, they’re up against an almost identical anti-gay marriage assault.  For any Californian who remembers seeing the ads on TV last year, this should look familiar:

My favorite part: “He’s in SECOND grade!”

The fact that they’re truly scared that their eight-year-old will end up choosing to marry a man later in life because he was taught that it’s legal shows how disgustingly ignorant people still are.  There’s no other way to describe it.  It disgusts me how ignorant and bigoted people still choose to be.

Being gay is not some plague that you can catch.  Your kids will not just happen to become gay because they learned about gay marriage one day in second grade any more than you became a Latino because you took a Spanish class.  To think otherwise is not just uneducated, it’s unintelligent.  It’s not living in reality.

I suppose that’s the biggest problem plaguing issues these days: the lack of people living in reality.  From people believing that Obama was actually born in Kenya to those who truly think that there will be death panels in Obama’s healthcare plan.

They’re called facts, people.  Read them.  Learn something.  It’s time to stop listening to opinion as fact.  I’ve said it before – everyone’s entitled to their opinion, but that doesn’t mean that your opinion is valid outside of your own head.  There is still a reality to contend with and too many opinions passed off as facts these days live far outside the boundaries of the real world.

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