Maine Same-Sex Marriage Supporters Take Notice


This is what the pro-marriage equality camp should be using to convince voters:

Janice Langbehn, Lisa Marie Pond and three of their four children planned a cruise in February 2007 to celebrate the couple’s 18 years together. But Pond suffered a massive stroke before the ship left port and was taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital. Hospital workers refused to let Langbehn into Pond’s hospital room – even after a power of attorney was faxed to the hospital — because they were not legally related…

Pond was pronounced dead of a brain aneurysm about 18 hours after being admitted to the trauma center. Langbehn said she was only allowed in to see her partner for a few minutes when a priest gave Pond the last rites.

“I never thought almost 20 years of love and family could be disregarded in an instant,” Langbehn said.

This and other true and appalling stories of real people’s lives being shattered by this bigotry should be at the forefront of the discussion.  Make the anti-equality group see just what their cowardly, ignorant desire to “protect marriage” really means to our society.

I think it’s safe to say that an overwhelming majority of those against same-sex marriage are Republicans. (For those who are Democrats or Independents, this section is not for you.)  And for quite some time (and even today they claim to still want this even though their track record of late sure doesn’t support it) the GOP has been the party pushing for smaller government.  How, then, I ask, can they justify pushing for these amendments allowing the government to decide something as personal and private as who can and cannot get married?  The government can’t get much more intrusive than that.

The laughable and insulting campaign against same-sex marriage rests on the notion of “protecting” marriage and our children because apparently marriage is currently safe from any corruption or misuse – other than gay marriage – that would render its sacredness moot.  And hordes of children will suddenly choose to become gay upon learning of the legal rights of consenting adults to marry whomever they wish.

Actually, I’m wrong.  It would be laughable if it weren’t the honest mindset of many Americans.

Voting against same-sex marriage will not protect your heterosexual marriage – only you and your spouse have the ability to control the sanctity of your union.  Just like your straight neighbors getting divorced changes nothing about the validity of your own nuptials, neither will two women marrying down the street.

Voting against same-sex marriage will not affect any child’s sexual orientation – just as you didn’t choose to be heterosexual, no one consciously chooses which gender he/she finds sexually attractive.  Gays getting married won’t affect this reality either way.  Plus, it’s not like children believe everything they learn in school, hence why a pathetic number of Americans don’t believe in evolution.

It’s time for the pro-marriage equality camp to step up in a big way.  Simply arguing for equality won’t work.  Those against gay marriage clearly do not care whatsoever about fairness or equality.  Their ignorant fear of homosexuality pushes them to outlaw what they don’t understand and, in doing so, they want to create a second-class group of citizens, of sub-humans unworthy of consideration, who aren’t even allowed to hold the hands of their loved ones on their death beds.

It’s inhuman.  It’s appalling.  It’s devoid of any and all compassion.

And that’s what needs to be shouted from the rooftops.  Make them realize that their ancient beliefs aren’t shared by all and that just as they would be outraged at the government dictating to them how to live their life, they have no right to do that to others.  Expose these people for who they are and bombard them with the images and stories of families and lives shattered and destroyed by their bigotry.  Instead of focusing on why it’s right to allow same-sex marriage, let’s showcase just how WRONG it is to outlaw it.

California missed its opportunity.  Let’s not have the same happen in Maine.

(Thanks to Andrew Sullivan for the story.)

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