“God’s Mandate” Belongs In Church


Take a look at this latest ad against gay marriage.  We’ll discuss afterward.


God’s mandate?  Really?  This is secular law.  It has nothing to do with any one god’s so-called mandate.  What a slap in the face to anyone of any other faith besides Christianity.  How arrogant and insulting.  As tough a pill it is for some to swallow, America is not a Christian nation.  And that’s a good thing.  Remember we fled England to escape religious tyranny.  It still amazes me that religion is used to back secular laws at all.  Talk about conflict of interest and a total lack of respect for the separation of church and state.

An even bigger slap in the face is to actual Bible-reading Christians because God didn’t create the bond of marriage when he created Adam and Eve.  In fact, that whole notion came much later on, and was implemented by the church.  You won’t find an explanation of how marriage works in Genesis as this advertisement would have you believe.  Talk about pandering to an audience.

Apparently, the writers of this ad didn’t feel that their original thesis was quite enough to truly drive the message home.  So, at the end, they just randomly tagged on the whole “protect our children” line while showing us kids frolicking in a pile of leaves.  Where the hell does this come from?  Is there a knife buried in that leaf pile or something?  How does God’s mandate have anything to do with protecting children?  And protecting them from what, exactly?  Children can’t get married so how are they even in this conversation?

Of course it’s a callback to those other commercials aired in Maine and California that try to scare people into believing that legalizing same-sex marriage would be putting children at risk to becoming gay.  A laughable and ridiculous claim that this ad doesn’t even bother to explain.  I can’t believe people still believe that being gay is a conscious choice and that learning about gay marriage would sway a child into joining the other team.  Give me a fucking break.

Religious bigotry has no place in secular law.  This type of insulting advertising will not stop until people recognize it for what it is: discriminatory and flat out stupid.  I hope the people of Washington state will see through this crap and vote in favor of marriage equality.


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  1. I’ll expand that a little for ya: “religion has no place in law.” There, that’s better.

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