Congress: Add Homosexuality To Hate Crimes List


I find myself conflicted on the whole notion of hate crimes in general.  Does killing someone because they’re gay, or black, or Jewish really deserve a stronger punishment than if you kill someone because you’re trying to get initiated into a gang, because someone cheated on you, or because he pulled on a gun on you while you were robbing him?

It’s murder, no matter what the motivation.

But, given that we do have hate crimes laws in effect, I completely agree that sexual orientation should be one of those protections.  Congress sent the legislation to President Obama and I would be extremely shocked if he didn’t sign it into law.

Since our justice system is about punishment, not deterrent, the hate crimes laws make total sense.  However, we should be shifting more toward criminal sentencing that does both.  It would be more effective in reducing crime rates as well as saving millions in the insanely bloated prison system.

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