The South, Cont’d.


It turns out that those numbers on the South’s approval/disapproval of President Obama didn’t tell the whole story.  Wouldn’t be the first time that numbers were misleading.

Not that the South isn’t skewed heavily against Obama in relation to the rest of the country, though, only that they seem to be pretty unhappy with all of government, including their own party.

They’re disaffected about everything. Unsurprisingly, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are unpopular; they actually fare worse than Mr Obama. But so are Mitch McConnell and John Boehner, albeit to a lesser extent: Mr Boehner gets 26% favourable/36% unfavourable. Congressional Republicans are at 30/47. The only thing that southerners favour more than disfavour is the Republican Party, and even that isn’t getting majority support (48/37).

It makes sense that they would still be supportive of the GOP since they are almost all red states, but even that support is far from overwhelming.

The Economist draws its own conclusions for this general malaise and they seem to be very plausible explanations.

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