Get Out Of The Desert!


As if we needed any more American deaths to make this war real to those of us back home who have the luxury of thinking about the ideal of spreading democracy and freedom across the planet.  Well, here we have it.

12 American soldiers.  Dead.  On American soil.

This is what happens to the human psyche when trained to kill and subjected to years in a war zone.  It breaks.  And, in this case, it takes others with it.

We went into Afghanistan and liberated it from the Taliban.  We installed a democratic government.  We’re done.  It’s over.  Time to come home.

The fact that that the Taliban has reemerged in Pakistan is not the same fight.  Sure, it’s the “War on Terror” but there’s no need for the tens of thousands of troops on the ground nor the 40,000 potentially deployed in The Surge, Part II (we all know how well sequels tend to be).  We can surgically help out Pakistan if need be with their fight with the Taliban.

It’s been over nine years since 9/11.  We’ve been at war for nearly a decade.  The human cost is incalculable, especially when you include the pain of people losing their loved ones as well as those troops who survive physically, but are mentally and emotionally wrecked.

This has to stop. Now. There are no more excuses.  No more reasons to stay.  No more staying the course.  No more troop surges for victory.  Win or lose, we’re done.

Bring our troops home.  It’s time to get out of the desert.

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