The Difference Between Democrats and Republicans


From the New York Senate, where the legislature just voted against marriage quality:

“When I walk through these doors, my Bible stays out.” – Sen. Eric Adams, D-Brooklyn

“That’s the wrong statement. You should carry your Bible all the time.” – Sen. Ruben Diaz, R-The Bronx

How is this total breach of church and state allowed?  Again, the Republicans show how they’ve become a church.  It’s much more a religious movement than anything resembling a political party of any credibility.

UPDATE: Sen. Diaz is NOT a Republican.  He is a Democrat.  Please see my subsequent apology and correction.


  1. I wish you would expose Sen. Ruben Diaz as the bigot he is. When he said, “You should carry your Bible all the time,” you should have reminded him that our freedom of religion doesn’t give us the right to impose our religious views on others; it just give us the right to exercise that religion, to use it as a guide for our own behavior, not to determine, or even judge, the behavior of others. Furthermore, marriage is a civil contract, not necessarily a religious one. After all, one must go to a civil court to get a divorce, not to church. Perhaps you should introduce a bill requiring all marriages to be conducted in a civil ceremony. If people want to have a church marriage after that, fine, but they should have to go to a judge to have a legal marriage.
    Furthermore, remind these religious bigots that the passage in Leviticus (18:23) does not condemn homosexuality in general, but only male homosexuality: “You shall not lie with male as with a woman.” Nowhere does it say that a woman shall not lie with a woman, so conceivably female homosexuality is allowed.
    Many of the religious bigots claim that homosexual unions are an abomination because two of the same sex cannot conceive children. But the Adam and Eve story doesn’t say that the purpose of the creation of Eve was to procreate, but rather to be a helper and a companion to Adam (Gen. 2:18). Giving birth in pain is the punishment inflicted upon Eve for disregarding God’s injunction not to eat of the fruit of the tree.
    Also the Bible tells us to do many things that we not only wouldn’t think of doing today but are actually against the law. Deut allows men to stone to death rebellious sons (Deut 21:18-21), and women found not to be virgins when becoming wives (Deut 22:21) and a man found lying with a woman marriee to a husband (Deut 22:22).
    The Federal Defense of Marriage Act has kept the Federal government from recognizing the legitimacy of same-sex marriages, but it was not homosexuals that endangered Rudi’s marriage to his wife but Donna Hannover. And it was a beautiful, young and healthy woman who lured Newt Gingrich to divorce his cancer-stricken wife while he was excoriating President Clinton for his tryst with Monica Lewinsky. And it wasn’t a homosexual who had an affair with Henry Hyde, the author of the Defense of Marriage act.
    Because of this bigotry, people in committed, loving and caring, and even care-taking, relationships who happen to be gay are being denied many privileges and benefits that married heterosexual couples have. Indeed, we even grant many of these benefits and privileges to partners in Common Law Marriages or relationships. Governor Patterson claimed that people in civil unions even miss out on some 1200 legal protections that married heterosexual couples have.
    p.s. I have been married to the same woman for 52 years.
    George Mower
    167 Main Street
    Jordanville, NY 13361

    • George, thank you for your reply. I couldn’t have said it better myself. I completely agree with you.

      I suppose the reason that I didn’t lay into Sen. Diaz (who is a Democrat, not a Republican like I said he was in this post – and that makes the taste even more bitter in my mouth) was because I am not convinced anymore that directly responding to their hate masquerading as moral authority will do us any good.

      Just like they pick and choose which lines in the Bible happen to support their bigoted views, I don’t know how much good it does for us to fight verse with verse. I have fought that fight, though, and feel free to read some of my previous arguments in earlier blogs.

      I’ve gotten to a place where I just don’t even like to give their religious rhetoric any worth. To me, it’s just hot air that has absolutely no bearing on the discussion at hand. No one in the anti-equality camp has an iota of credibility or substance behind their arguments. It’s bigotry and discrimination, plain and simple. To deny rights to a small minority that all other American adults have is morally and legally wrong. There is no gray area here. In this case there is a clear-cut right and a clear-cut wrong. Sen. Diaz and his like-minded brethren are wrong.

      I do not intend to give up on this whatsoever. I really appreciate your passion and I’m right there with you. I was equally as outraged when it happened to me here in California last fall with the passing of Prop 8. I was appalled, disgusted, irate, and bitter. Perhaps it has made me realize the amount of time that this will take after all. I thought we were closer but we still have a ways to go. And I’ll be fighting for equal rights the entire way.

      Meanwhile, there are bigger atrocities about to happen: just take a look at the abominable laws about to go into effect in Uganda.

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