Why So Against Green Technology?


As Climategate continues and the talks in Copenhagen produce wonderful fodder for the political right to get all excited about – rich nations to help out the poor nations – it struck me as something that I didn’t have an answer for and perhaps might be provided from someone reading this blog:

Let’s say that you don’t believe that humanity’s carbon output has anything to do with the current state of global climate.  Why would you still be against the development of green energy sources?

I mean, regardless of whether or not the Manhattan-sized iceberg floating toward Australia right now has anything to do with the massive amount of pollution that we’re spouting into the atmosphere, wouldn’t it behoove us to pollute less and become less dependent on oil, environmentally, economically, and politically?  What is the argument against green technology if you don’t talk about global warming?  I just don’t see what harm it causes nor do I see how it’d be anti-capitalism to focus on developing alternate forms of energy.  I just heard on the news this morning that Toyota has developed a plug-in electric car that gets over 14 miles per charge and around 130 miles per gallon.  Who wouldn’t want to get around 1500 miles per fill up at the pump?

Were green technology not such a push by the political left and embroiled in the whole theory of climate change and thus immediately demonized by the right, wouldn’t it be something that just about everyone could agree on getting behind?  If not, why not?



  1. I can’t agree more. I don’t understand the debate on whether the climate change is real or not. The fact is we’re destroying our environment and trying to sustain growth in non sustainable ways. It is our health and our future that is at stake – why wait until its too late?

    • Exactly. Regardless of politics, I don’t get why people would be against developing cleaner, more efficient technology.

  2. the oil companies will lose money if green tech succeeds, and the oil companies fund the right. therefore the right is against green tech.

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