Terror Suspects Aren’t Comic-Book Villains


I really don’t understand the uproar from people about the transfer of detained terror suspects from Gitmo to maximum-security prisons here on American soil. What are people so afraid of?

From the fearmongering going on about it – GOP Leader John Boehner accuses the Obama Administration of not remembering 9/11 – you’d think that the government was letting these men free to roam American streets with impunity.  Clearly, this is not the case at all; in fact, the plan is to upgrade the rural Illinois facility to exceed Supermax standards.

Those opposed to this plan should realize that their words not only lend support to this ridiculous notion that these men are some kind of superhuman incarnations of evil that several-feet-thick walls of concrete and steel won’t even contain.  Or that their mind control abilities to brainwash innocent people into jumping on board the pathologically depraved ways of violent, religious fundamentalists will somehow gain strength while on American soil but not in Cuba.  It’s absurd.  These men aren’t comic-book villains. They didn’t coordinate the 9/11 attacks through some supernatural abilities.  They’re just men.

Nevermind what the dissent implies about the quality of our current prison system.  Talk about a lack of confidence in the brave men and women who work inside these maximum-security facilities and risk their safety on a daily basis to keep the most dangerous, warped individuals in our society locked up and sequestered away to keep the rest of us safe.  How many times have Robert Hanssen, Ted Kaczynski, Terry Nichols, Zacarias Moussaoui (yes, a 9/11 conspirator is already in prison on American soil and so far, nothing very newsworthy to report) escaped from their Supermax prison?


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