Your Web Pulse of the Day


In case you were wondering what your co-workers were checking out in their cubicles while you were busy slaving away at work, Yahoo! provides all the answers:

Looks like it’s a 60/40 ratio of pop culture searches to relevant news items.  (Artie Lange would normally fall under pop culture, but not today.)  The most surprising search, to me, is Jessica Biel still being in the Top 10.  She hasn’t really done much of note (aside from being Justin Timberlake’s SO for a number of years and going topless for the role of a stripper in the direct-to-DVD superflop Powder Blue (you gotta figure she wouldn’t have bared-most had she known the movie would be such a bomb)) so the fact that she’s still competing for attention with the likes of the ever-present Kardashians having babies and Pratts of the world doing whatever it is that they do, I’d say that actually says something.

Well done, JB.  You’ve escaped total irrelevance for today… according to Yahoo!.

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