Cutting Taxes Only Good When GOP Does It


Jonathan Chait sums up House Minority Whip Eric Cantor of Virginia, who, along with nine other Republican leaders got together to come up with a “21-century blueprint” for the GOP’s plans when they regain control of Congress:

“Okay, so for ideas, we’ve got… tax cuts. Plus “a level playing field for investments,” which is vague but sounds to me like a euphemism for more tax cuts. I’m thinking that 80-20 is going to end up more like 99-1.”

Chait thinks that this could work and I’m worried to think that he might be right.  The Republican Party definitely praises itself as the party that lets hard-working Americans keep their money while the Democrats spend it.  Sometimes the image doesn’t always line up with reality, which is that the GOP really doesn’t offer much change from the Democrats if their big difference is that they will enact tax cuts: President Obama’s stimulus plan included nearly $300 billion in tax cuts over the first two years, even more than his predecessor’s highly-touted cuts.

So, if the Democrats are cutting taxes, then what can the GOP really offer?  Well, demonizing the president and blasting the stimulus as having caused more harm than good, of course.  Even though that stimulus bill included massive tax cuts, which is what the GOP wants to do…

This is the current Republican Party: empty rhetoric that goes against history, facts, and reality.


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  1. […] – but the economy hasn’t exactly turned around.  Perhaps he’s of the belief that tax cuts only work when the GOP does them. I guess that just means that Obama didn’t cut enough taxes then, but then why was the GOP […]

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