Fox News’ Fair and Balanced Coverage


Here is a screen capture from today’s Yahoo! homepage:

Notice the banner at the top has been augmented to provide easy access to sending aid to Haiti.  The lead story is of Rush Limbaugh and his soulless, pathetic statements implying that we shouldn’t be helping anyone out in the aftermath of the 7.2-magnitude earthquake that has left over 3 million people homeless.  Real heartwarming stuff.

Here is a screen capture from today’s Fox News homepage:

Nothing above the fold or after that mentions anything at all to do with Rush.  Apparently their version of fair and balanced is that they only support, never criticize, those who support the GOP.  They take care of their own.

I figured that Fox News must have run something about the Limbaugh outrage going on right now, so I ran a search.  The very first article is an Entertainment story of actress Maria Bello feeling “very sad” for Limbaugh:

No disrespect to Maria Bello, but she doesn’t exactly have all that much clout when she voices her opinion.  This feels way more like Fox simply running a story that they can point to and say, “No, we ran a story that was against Rush Limbaugh.  We’re fair and balanced,” rather than actually run a story of substance.  This isn’t even in the politics section.  Then again, Rush Limbaugh is merely an entertainer (if you find his bile, bigotry, and blatant disregard for humanity entertaining) with nothing more than a high school diploma to his name, so perhaps this is the best spot for articles about him after all.

The next three articles in the search are:

Something about Limbaugh, the musical? Really? Another Maria Bello article (since when is she relevant?).  And then an article about how Limbaugh may have grounds for a libel suit.

Just more fair and balanced reporting on the news of the day from your favorite theocrats over at Fox News.


I can already envision the rebuttals from the GOP side to this post would be something along the lines of that Yahoo! should be spending their time reporting on the actual disaster rather than blasting a Republican voice, which would go in line with their whole liberal MSM bias myth.  The reality is that Fox News is dreadfully lagging behind their competition in Haiti earthquake coverage.

(Image courtesy TwitPic from @ebertchicago)

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