Americans Not Just Forgetful; Much Worse


Glenn Greenwald reiterates exactly what I wrote about in my last post:

All that said, and as horrible as the Democrats have been all year, the most amazing — and depressing — aspect of all of this is how Americans have so quickly forgotten how thoroughly the Republicans, during their eight-year reign, destroyed the country.  Whatever the source of our national woes are, re-empowering that faction cannot possibly be the answer to anything.

His emphasis.

It’s not just that Americans have no memory of the Bush era: it’s that they’ve completely bought the story the Republicans are selling that blames Obama – who has been on the job for 365 days – and the Democrats for every single problem America faces today, which is not up for debate as a matter of partisan opinion.  The Republicans are dishing out revisionist history on a platter and Americans are eating it up without even bothering to ask what’s in it.

It’s not just forgetfulness; it’s a total lack of rational thought.


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