GOP: The New Party of Change? Hardly.


Scott Brown ran on a campaign of change.  And won.

President Obama has been in office for exactly one year to the day, yet people have already given up on Democrats in office and believe that voting for the opposing party will offer change.  On NPR this morning they interviewed a self-described liberal who normally votes Democrat but cast his support to Senator-Elect Scott Brown yesterday in the special election to fill the late Ted Kennedy’s seat that he had occupied for decades.  The reason this man voted Republican?  For change.  He said he was tired of the out of control spending that was going on and thought that unless something changed, there would be no more America.

This is why I get so upset about Fox News hiring Sarah Palin.  This is why I can’t understand how people can really believe that the MSM has such a strong liberal bias.  The Tea Party matters.  So does Sarah Palin’s popularity.  And Rush Limbaugh’s blasphemous remarks about Obama and Haiti.  And Glenn Beck and his 9/12 insanity.  It matters because it’s completely convincing the American public of this farce, this fiction.

This guy from Massachusetts who voted for Scott Brown because he thinks that the current government is spending too much and thinks that a Republican will rein in the deficit clearly has absolutely zero clue about the current Republican Party’s track record.  The American public’s awareness level is minute – in a few short months, with weak Democratic leadership and an insane and outrageously vocal opposition, people have completely managed to forget that Obama inherited the massive debt, the wars, the economic recession, the failed banks, the torture camp at Gitmo from GOP President George W. Bush.  This is fact, this is truth.  This isn’t spin or some radical liberal hailing Obama as a messiah.  This is just history, plain and simple, sad but true.  Believe me – I don’t disagree with the GOP enough to be happy that the Republicans get credit for one of the worst presidents in history, because regardless of party, I’m still an American and Bush was still the president of my country.

The very same GOP – who has not changed a single item in their game plan from the Bush era (if anything, they’re now more radical and Constitution-threatening) – whose policies made America a country who tortures and throws out personal freedoms, spent trillions of dollars on a Medicare prescription plan that should never have been passed, cut taxes, invaded two countries and billed the American people for their occupations, yet never managed to fix or end or solve anything, including finding Osama Bin Laden, the man responsible for the 9/11 attacks that started this entire quagmire, now have the audacity to run campaigns on change.  And they’re winning.

The Democratic Party needs some real leadership.  I listen to NPR, I read the news, I follow politics, I devour blogs and yet I can’t even come close to hearing Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s voice in my head.  Nor House Leader Nancy Pelosi’s.  But, I can imagine Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s voice without much effort.  And Bill O’Reilly’s.  And Glenn Beck’s.  And Sarah Palin’s.  Nothing the Democrats have said is memorable or confidence-inducing.  And the one Democrat who is charming, inspiring, and exudes confidence – President Obama – has been relatively silent to the American public about all of this.  Granted, it’s almost impossible to be loud enough to be heard over the Republican Party’s mouthpiece: Fox News and all of its subsidiaries.  The GOP has an entire network at its disposal to brainwash and misdirect the general public 24 hours a day.  The Democrats have Jon Stewart.

If you bombard people with something long enough, they’ll believe it, even if it has no base in reality or history.  The GOP and Fox News prove this.  The Democrats need a new PR scheme.  They’ve taken this loss in Massachusetts as a sign that America doesn’t like their policies, but they’re missing the point of this lesson.  It’s not the policies that most people are upset with – it’s how everything has gone down.  The Republicans have been owning the soapbox and dictating to the people with their unified front of “THE HEALTH CARE BILL IS SOCIALISM!” while the Democrats bicker and squabble amongst themselves, which does nothing to provide any sense of confidence in even those of us who know that the democratic process is ugly yet necessary.  And now the Democrats are paying the price, which means America is paying the price.  They were elected into office by a landslide of support and while I think their policies are moderate, very necessary, and good for America, they haven’t sold the public.  Even though Obama ran on this very health care reform bill that is almost exactly what he talked about in his campaign, people have very short attention spans and are easily swayed by rhetoric when there’s nothing else on the other side except Blue-Dog Democrats and Centrists and Joe Lieberman and buying off Nebraska and Olympia Snowe…

Come on, Democrats.  This isn’t a sign that HCR should be scrapped.  It means you need to rally and get your voices out there to combat the untruths and propaganda from the opposition.  Your policies are what got you elected.  Remind us why we wanted health care reform badly enough to elect Democrats into all chambers of government.  Prove to us that this is real reform, that it’s not socialism, that we cannot simply do nothing.  People need to be reassured, convinced on a daily basis.  Don’t quit on us.


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