FOX Nation: Not Fair, Not Balanced (Just Like Fox News)


Many of you probably have seen the unedited clips from Jon Stewart’s recent visit to Bill O’Reilly’s show, The O’Reilly Factor, where he contends that Fox News is essentially the media arm of the Republican Party.  O’Reilly disagrees.

Fox News posted the unaired segments from the interview on their Fox Nation website, where I went to watch.  Here’s a screen capture of what I saw when I first got there:

Out of all the possible related advertisements from the multitude of companies that pay for ad space on Fox, the one that appears next to Jon Stewart is a smear campaign run by politician Dana Walsh – who opposes health care reform and favors the War on Terror, even going so far as to call it “Islamic terror” – and who is looking to oust Nancy Pelosi from her seat in Congress in this fall’s election.

Before you even get that far, you can take a look at the items on the banner called Hot Topics.  I know it’s probably pretty small to read in the image so I’ll write them out for you: National Budget, 9/11 Terror Trial, Detroit Airliner Terror Plot, tea parties, Sarah Palin, Tim Tebow, The Constitution and Freedom.

Yes, one of the hot topics of February 4th, 2010 is the Constitution and Freedom, which if you click, will take you to a page with 8th-grade-history level videos that shows President Ronald Reagan (twice) as it talks about how the Constitution is the supreme law of the land and then when it asks the question about what would happen if a president or legislature passed a law that ran contrary to the Constitution, it of course shows President Barack Obama signing what looks like a bill into law.  Really subtle, Fox.  Really subtle.  I’m sure no one picked up on that.

You can guess that the rest of the Hot Topics all have a very Republican slant on them.  I clicked on the Tim Tebow link and was greeted with this at the top of the page:

Really? That was the screen capture of the Planned Parenthood ad that they chose?  Nothing riles up the base quite like a half-asleep-at-best-looking black man complaining about the ad from white, virgin, Christian athlete posterboy Tim Tebow (who happens to be a quarterback, a predominantly white position in football).  C’mon, Fox.  Every single article on the page is about liberal groups like the National Organization for Women (NOW) bashing both Tebow AND Sarah Palin.  Because of course she’s involved in this.  Why wouldn’t she be?

After doing a little research, it seems that while Fox Nation is owned and run by Fox News Channel, it’s a slightly different entity.  When Fox News launched it on March 30th, 2009, they ran this introduction on their site:

Here at FOX Nation, the American people will be the stars. FOX News Channel, and Foxnews.com, will continue, of course, to provide fair and balanced news coverage, but FOX Nation is different. It is about you, what you care about, what you care about enough to post and comment upon. nything [sic] you want–just keep it decent and legal!

Of course, that’s not really true since it ends up being a forum where Fox editors compile Republican slanted articles from other political websites like NewsBusters.org – whose stated goal is to neutralize the liberal media bias with its own GOP bias apparently – and post them to the Fox Nation site, and then open up comments for people to post their bile and ignorance for other like-minded ilk to feed on and repeat as if simply agreeing with each other gave credibility to their views.

At least Fox News got it right in their own description of their new site: “Foxnews.com will continue to provide fair and balanced coverage, but FOX Nation is different.”  If by different you mean not fair or balanced and is a blatant news-sponsored propaganda machine for the GOP, then actually no, it’s just like Fox News.


  1. Now MSNBC, THEY are fair and balanced. That (nude model racist pickup driving, woman hating, condoner of violence) Keith Gobble-man sure is objective. Oooo, Oooo, I have to go, Chrissy Mathews is on, and he’s the most impartial news reader on the planet, well, when he’s got his hamster.

    • Clever disguise, Brian Obama. You almost had me there.

      You’re right in that MSNBC is far from fair and balanced. They also don’t claim to be so in their official branded tagline.

      Also, what is a Nude Model Racist Pickup? Is that Ford or Chevy?

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