“Who Cares?” of the Day: Sarah Palin Uses Notes


During Sarah Palin’s speech to the Tea Party Convention, it became clear that she was using notes scribbled on the palm of her hand much like an 8th-grader cheating on a test.  Despite her rudimentary method (note cards would’ve been cleaner), the only reason this is receiving such news coverage is because Palin herself lambasted Obama on Fox News over his use of a TelePrompter.  Apparently one cannot be an effective leader if one uses notes or a typed out speech to address the nation; but, reading notes from your own hand is okay.  Her hypocrisy knows no bounds.

Regardless, I think both sides are ridiculous for even giving this issue any weight.  The Republicans really have no room to talk to defend Palin on this issue, even though they will and they have.  Of course the Democrats are going to slam Palin for her palm notes.  Why wouldn’t they after having to defend Obama’s TelePrompter usage?  But when it comes down to it, it’s such a non-issue.  The fact that Obama and Palin both use crutches for their speeches or Q-and-A sessions is irrelevant.

What people should be more focused on instead is the content of what they’re saying.  It’s a waste of energy to be diverted into this back-and-forth argument over whose use of notes was more unbecoming of a politician when the real issue is what policies they are promoting and what their plans are for our nation.  Once again, both parties and the MSM play into this political theater and the substance of Palin’s speech and answers get lost in the din.  And, to me, that’s what will really affect America if she ends up being the GOP nominee for president in 2012.  Not if she happens to keep notes for her talking points.



  1. It is possibly very telling that you and I – while each painting our enemies’ views as wrong – are saying much the same thing on this matter.

    :lol: Perhaps we should run as President and Vice-President in 2012. We could flip a coin for who got the big chair.

    We could call it the Bipartisan Adult Party.

    • Yes, we do say the same thing but I think we get to those conclusions by very different roads. You still do place a value on Obama’s TelePrompter use, implying that it was a much more egregious infraction that minimalizes the use of Palin’s notes. I don’t place any value on either because I really don’t see an issue with either.

      I do point out Palin’s hypocrisy, which runs much deeper than just this whole note fiasco. But that’s not the same as ridiculing her for actually using the notes.

      Also, the notion that you want conservatives to not engage in the debate because liberals will call them hypocrites seems to miss the point. It’s not like it’s just aimless name-calling. You might call it a turnabout, but it is hypocritical to blast someone for one thing and then turn around and do relatively the same thing. That’s the danger of attacking just about everything someone does: at some point, you’ll slip up, too, and maybe even in the same way, and you need to be prepared to face the music. We are human so it’s inevitable with all the finger-pointing we all do.

      • I’m going to take my own advise and not get into a nitpicking argument on this non-issue (or Obama’s teleprompter use, which I personally found to a source of humor ala Doonesbury rather a source of complaint)

    • And wow. What a ticket we would make.

      • It would actually be close to how the US used to do it. Originally the winner became President and the runner-up became Vice-President.

        I believe that lasted just two elections though.

        • I can’t even begin to imagine how that would work. Especially nowadays.

        • It worked poorly apparently since they changed it after only two elections. ;)

          What we would have had this time was Obama as POTUS and McCain as VPOTUS.

          :lol: Actually, that might have been better than Biden now that I think of it.

          If nothing else, it would tend to keep the attack ads suppressed a bit since the top two contenders would end up having to work together.

          • Good point.

            It’d probably be the most uncomfortable partnership ever. I can’t imagine anything getting done. It’d also kind of defeat the purpose of the general election. Once each party had their candidates, it’d just be a fight for who got the better title. And since the Veep would still be the President of the Senate, you can imagine the kind of stalemate going on would make what we’re dealing with now pale in comparison. It’s almost terrifying to think of that, actually.

            In theory it’d be great – people from both parties sharing the executive office and having to work together to create bipartisan everything. But there’s just no way that happens in reality. There really isn’t much room for compromise when politics is reduced to officials merely winning or losing instead of working on the best possible policies.

  2. If its any consolation, you have my vote ;)

    As for the Vice President being the looser in an election, that would be great. Unfortunately, in our political environment, it would merely guarantee that we would have 4 years of nothing.

    Honestly, it is high time for a new set of parties to come forth. The Republicans can be replaced by the Libertarians, Democrats by Green Party … or something in that direction. Whats important is to make sure that none of those in charge today (organizations) are removed, reshuffling power completely.

    … pipe dreams.

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