Republican National Committee Not Fiscally Conservative


The Daily Dish:

Bush-era profligacy has an heir:

A POLITICO analysis of expenses found that compared with 2005, the last comparable year preceding a midterm election, the committee’s payments for charter flights doubled; the number of sedan contractors tripled, and meal expenses jumped from $306,000 to $599,000. […] When Steele took over the chairmanship last winter, he inherited a $23 million surplus. Since then, the former Maryland lieutenant governor has raised $10 million less than the party collected in 2005 and has spent $10 million more. By the end of 2009, the committee’s surplus had shrunk to $8.4 million, according to campaign finance reports.

Not exactly practicing what they preach. How can they expect people to believe that this would be different with the national deficit if they can’t even be fiscally conservative with their own party’s national committee?

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