Deciding if the GOP’s Conservative Movement is Right for You


Now that Virginia’s Republican Gov. Robert McDonnell has decided to celebrate all things Confederate (because, as well all know, nothing screams “the good ole days” quite like slavery and Civil War), it’s time to take a good look at the GOP political party and decide if it’s for you.

Ta-Nehisi Coates breaks it down:

“If you believe that if we still had segregation we wouldn’t “have had all these problems,” this is the movement for you. If you believe that your president is a Muslim sleeper agent, this is the movement for you. If you honor a flag raised explicitly to destroy this country then this is the movement for you. If you flirt with secession, even now, then this movement is for you. If you are a “Real American” with no demonstrable interest in “Real America” then, by God, this movement of alchemists and creationists, of anti-science and hair tonic, is for you.”

And I’d like to add one more for the sake of current events:

If you decry the decennial American Census as being part of Obama’s socialist agenda despite it being clearly required by the U.S. Constitution, this movement is for you.

Ignorant and proud, indeed.



  1. Very ignorant, but based on how long it took him to shred it, he probably would not have been able to fill it out anyhow.

    • Hilarious. And probably very true. All 10 questions would’ve been too much for his feeble mind to handle. Yet he thinks he understands government better than the top graduate in his Harvard Law class…

  2. If he would just zoom out a little more you would be able to see his aluminium foil hat.

    • He can’t even frame the shot right!

  3. For the life of me, I can’t understand this census conspiracy. If memory serves me correctly, this isn’t the first census in American history. I hear this year one or two other countries are also participating. Has Obama taken them over too?

    I don’t want to generalize and label conservatives as conspiracy nuts, God knows that liberals have them too, but this one is just way out there …

    • It seriously comes across as a child-like temper tantrum to me. I heard on the radio today about this leader of the Tea Party doesn’t believe that Obama cut taxes for 95% of Americans last year. It’s like these people with the Census: people are angry for their own reasons about government and latch onto these outlandish ideas to support their frustration with the recession, with the war, with the deficit instead of focusing on the actual issues with a logical and sensical mind. Instead, they just throw tantrums like the guy who shredded his Census form.

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