4 Tips for Improving Time Warner Cable’s Awful Website


I blame this guy.

Thanks, Time Warner Cable.  You have quite possibly the worst online bill pay system I’ve ever had the displeasure of using.

C’mon! You’re a media company! Get with the times.

Password must start with a letter and cannot have any characters other than letters and numbers and must be 8-16 characters long and cannot repeat the same character four times in a row.  Really?  Thanks, because none of my usual passwords – which are far more secure than anything I could create on your site – will work on your site so I have to create something brand new which I know that I’m going to forget and have to use the “Forget Your Password?” feature every single time I need to sign into your site, which leads to another total disaster.

Speaking of signing into your site, why do I need TWO SEPARATE LOGINS? One to get onto your site to make any changes to my account and yet another to pay my bill?  What a waste of time and energy.

Hey, Time: the idea of allowing people to pay their bills online is to make it quicker and easier than calling on the phone or mailing it in.  You want people to be able to pay with as little resistance as possible.  This is how you make money.  Why would you make this more of an inconvenience than taking my 40 bucks for mediocre Internet access already is?

Here are my tips to improve your site:

  1. One login for everything. This is a no-brainer, TWC.  If you’re going to use some outside company to handle your bill-pay, you should be the one dealing with making the logins one and the same.  Don’t make the customers have to navigate two logins and remember two ridiculous passwords just because it’s cheaper for you to outsource your billing to Asia.
  2. Fewer password regulations. You make me sound like a fiscal conservative, which makes me even more pissed off than I already do for calling for deregulation.  Go for a normal level of security and let us make up our own passwords.  If I want to use “123abc” as my password, let me use “123abc” as my password.
  3. Improved password recovery process. Don’t make me enter my account number every time I forget my password. Also – make sure that this feature actually works.  I ended up having to create a whole new account on your bill pay section because every time I punched in my information to retrieve my impossible-to-remember-but-easy-to-hack password, it asked me to enter my account number again but didn’t specify where. Do like everyone else does and include a security question that I can answer and just have my password emailed to me.  How hard is this to fix?  Also, this would be a lot smaller of an issue if you just dealt with #1 and #2.
  4. Store my payment info. I signed up for automatic bill pay but since it can take up to two months weeks to take effect (why!?), I had to make a payment today to make sure that I didn’t incur any late fees.  Well, naturally, when I went to make the one-time-payment, I had to re-enter all of my payment info that I had just entered not two minutes before.  This info had to have been saved in your system!  It’s in there.  I know it is.  Make that account available on the drop-down menu as an option.  You’ve already made me enter my 16-digit account number one too many times and now my 16-digit credit card number twice, as well?  Enough, Warner.  Enough.

Welcome to 2010, TWC.  You’re about 10 years late.

Thanks to The Consumerist for the original image.


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  2. TWCableHelp @masonry Thanks for the feedback, we do appreciate it! We have forwarded your concerns to our website folks ^BH

    YES! Blogging is not just typing into a void.

  3. agree. most worthless company on the planet when it comes to customer service. I canceled one of my accounts with them close to a year ago and never received the promised reimbursement from them for the amount they owed me back. Which is hilarious when you consider how they treat you if you are a day or two late paying them. And while I tried to retrieve my password for the bill pay I was asked which city I was born. Apparently I don’t know the answer to that.

    • That’s a drag to hear that they haven’t bothered improving anything. You really should try to remember your own personal history, John. Geees…

      It’s tempting to not even bother with them at all and go DSL through Yahoo or something but I had that before and it wasn’t all that stellar — at least their Internet service has been without fail for the 8 months I’ve been with them.

      Just hope nothing goes wrong because I don’t expect much in the way of assistance if it does.

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