From Ventura to Malibu: Movie Director Picks Trailer Park over Hollywood Glitz and Glamour


I have to admit that Ace Ventura: Pet Detective is one of my favorite movies of all time — I can’t remember laughing harder (granted I was, what, 12 years old at the time) before in my entire life, nor having quoted one movie more, either.  (I guess that tells you a lot about my sense of humor but, hey, I’m being honest and I’m not apologetic.)

So naturally I clicked the link on Yahoo!’s main page when it flashed a story about Tom Shadyac — director of Ace Ventura, Liar, Liar, The Nutty Professor, and other hits — selling off his Pasadena mansion and moving into a trailer in Malibu to work on his own documentary and be more like Gandhi.

At first blush, you think, okay the guy had a nervous breakdown, right?  How else to explain the drastic change in career and lifestyle?  And the blog definitely takes this angle throughout the whole piece, not really giving Shadyac much respect for his decision.

What made Shadyac make such a drastic turn? It might have been a concussion he suffered a few years ago — Shadyac says it isn’t, but you know, of course he’d say that, concussion and all — or it might have just been the emptiness that seeps in when you realize that making massively popular Jim Carrey comedies just doesn’t do it for you like it used to.

Maybe I’m being defensive for no good reason.  I mean, the guy did make Patch Adams so even if he weren’t avoiding Hollywood by choice, others have been put in director jail for far less.  But still, are we seriously so absorbed with possessions and money as the basis for personal growth and success that the notion that a guy who plain got sick and tired of the whole corporate dance makes us point and laugh and pity him as if a brain injury could be the only cause for his insane life decisions?

Plus, it’s not like living in a trailer in Malibu is all that destitute.  The guy still has a stash of money in the bank and lives by the beach in one of the most elite neighborhoods in the country.  Honestly: I’d say he’s probably living better than most of the rest of us.  And if that’s what makes him happy, good for him. (Although if he and Jim want to get back for Ventura 3, I’d be so down.)


  1. Yeah Malibu has some pretty spectacular trailer parks. . . as odd as that is to say. Some have great views of the ocean and have amenities like pools, gyms, and tennis courts. So maybe it isn’t as drastic as a change as you might expect, but still!

    • I mean the term “trailer park” immediately brings up thoughts of dogs tied up on short chains and cars on cinder blocks in the yard. But, it’s not always the case — especially not in Malibu.

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