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Long before Twilight turned vampires into shimmering teenagers, there was Edison Price: Homeless Vampire Hunter.

Having watched Fright Night, my buddy Matt Cassatta and I spent two long, brain-melting days videotaping our ode to 1980s horror with a comedy spin. Since this was before YouTube had taken over Internet video and social media had yet to become the powerful marketing force that it is today, only a select few from Michigan got to see our magnum opus — live in a movie theater that Matt so graciously rented for us.

Until now!

We chopped up the nearly 20-minute-long short into four 5-minutes-or-less segments to put on YouTube for easy viewing. I then turned it into a playlist so you can see them all in a row, all at once, so you can experience the whole thing straight through without searching for all episodes.  Enjoy.

But since WordPress won’t let me embed a YouTube playlist, I’m just going to post all of the videos in succession here:

Yes, this is a shameless plug for this goofy, amateur movie shot on miniDV before HD cameras were affordable for a couple of recent Michigan film grads. We’re evidently no directors of photography — but it’s fun, and we had fun making it. I promise our skills have improved exponentially since then, as you may have seen in other short sketches we’ve done together over the years.

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