Want Smaller Government? Let’s Have Fewer Politicians


I’ve heard some of my conservative friends calling for smaller government saying that they want fewer government workers, fewer government jobs and more private sector jobs. They complain about how much more money government employees make versus the average private employee — although, they never do give specifics on just who they’re angry about: teachers? postal service employees? DMV attendants? city clerks?

How about elected officials?

I’d be curious to know if anyone would be in favor of this: let’s get rid of some of those nearly 500 representatives. These people get amazing pensions, fantastic health benefits, nice salaries all of which cost us taxpayers quite a lot of money.

Rather than cutting programs which all of us like — because, let’s be honest, who of the population truly wants less Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security?  A huge majority want all of those things intact – including the defense budget, which is currently at $700 BILLION dollars, the most since WW2 – even if they also want to cut spending.  No one wants the safety net if they’re not aided by it at this very moment by terrible circumstances or just, y’know, life; but, threaten to take it away and people will freak out.

So, let’s keep with the idea of cutting government and go right to the source: the politicians who are in government.  I mean, think about the money saved if this guy weren’t in government. Since the country is polarized nearly 50-50 these days, with the Independents just switching sides every two years to halt any momentum from either side (and to keep their Independent monikers), would it make much of a difference if we just chopped it down to 300 reps?  250?  How many representatives do we need, sucking up taxpayer dollars, enacting those dreaded earmarks that are crushing our grandchildren with excessive debt from which they’ll never recover?

While we’re at it, do we really need a Vice-President when we already have a President?

And since the Republicans are the more cohesive of the two parties, save for a few (Olympia Snowe, Scott Brown, and a few others) who occasionally tempt the Democrats by possibly voting the other way, they are in lock-step agreement with each other to vote the same way on nearly every single issue.  Rather impressive, actually.  But, since that’s the case, do we need so many?  I mean let’s get rid of half and the party’s votes would still be the same. Of course we’d get rid of half of the Democrats, too — the ones who all vote the same way, anyway — to keep things even, since that’s what we love here in America: things fair and balanced.

Who’s with me?

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  1. And if there were less elected officials, the private sector wouldn’t have to pay so much to keep their representatives in office, and would therefore be able to create more jobs and innovation!

    This is brilliant!

    • Exactly! Because we all know that the private sector is a perfect, harmoniously humming machine of prosperity for all that solves all problems and cures all ills.

  2. I would agree with you on this 100 %, but I would go much deeper and do the same thing on every local level as well, it is frightening to me, how many people work in the local governments and with the same benefits, and no I am not talking about the guy who brings my mail or teaches my kids.
    I think where the most money can be saved is in all these 1000’s of committees where nothing is being done and these guys gets paid 100,000 of thousands just to sit on different committees. Get rid of all of them.

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